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Commercial Solutions

 Legal strategy can be a competitive advantage; addressing risks before they become problems and protecting your business assets and intellectual property are all part of strategy.

Acumen Legal and Commercial Solutions endorses a working solution approach. It is imperative that advice and solutions can be implemented into your operation. Practical implementation is a critical success factor.

We are also able to provide legal opinions and research possible legal risk factors that you can use to make an informed decision with regards to a particular strategy or whether litigation is a viable path

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Company Secretarial Services

The South African Companies Act requires a company (listed or not) to either employ or retain a company secretary. Non-compliance with the pyramid of legislation may result in punitive fines, reputational damage, de-registration and even criminal prosecution.

Acumen Legal and Commercial Solutions will take care of this burden thus leaving you free to concentrate on running the business.

We are also able to assist in your tender processes, due diligence, POPI compliance and act as both information officers and as the designated PAIA official.

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Problem Solving

Litigation is an expensive and emotionally draining process. On many occasions a solution is before the parties but blind emotion and competitive egos result in tunnel vision.

Acumen Legal and Commercial Solutions have access to a panel of excellent solution seekers. They will engage with the other party in an effort to protect the relationship and find a solution. 

It is not uncommon for the "peace makers" to arrive at an outcome that even leads to better business and improved standing.

The alternative approach need not only be followed when conflict arrives. Negotiating contracts with the use of a mediator or facilitator can often lead to a deal where the parties feel they got a fair deal. Negotiation can be robust without harming the relationship